Finding & Working with a Wedding Florist

Before sitting down with a floral designer, you should already have reserved your ceremony and reception venue. This way you’ll be able to discuss how much additional floral décor will be needed to either achieve a specific look at your site or complement an existing garden and/or room aesthetic.  It is best to start thinking about your florist right away, research local florists in your area and make appointments to meet and discuss your vision as soon as possible.

Prior to meeting/consultation with a potential floral designer, have your color scheme finalized; create a list of the kinds of flowers you like; and have some examples (photos digital images, etc. ) of the kind of bouquets and arrangements that appeal to your personal style .  Having an open mind and bringing any inspirational elements such as wedding photos, fabric swatches, funky trinkets, save-the-date and wedding invitation!

Forming a personal relationship with your florist is important, planning and discussing the fine details is critical to creating a successful event.  I’ve found it to be most helpful when a bride can tell me what she does not like as well as what she does like.

A wedding without flowers is like a bride without a groom! It’s a given, flowers will play an important part in your wedding décor and photographs. Take the expected over the edge by looking for unique opportunities to use and display flowers at the reception along with the arrangements your florist creates for the guest table decor.

Kim Mednikoff